Here at Lia’s Elder Care Home, we are dedicated to providing high-quality care to each and every one of our clients. Below are a few excerpts from reference letters written by Lia’s Elder Care Home clients.

“My mother has resided in the Lia’s Adult Home Care since May of 2006. I am pleased by the above and beyond care and compassion that my mother has received and I would joyfully recommend Lia’s home to anyone, especially those needing special attention.”

Carol N.

“My mother has resided in the Lia’s Adult Home Care since July 2001.¬†During this time, I am confident she is receiving the best possible care. I find Lia and Victor to be of excellent character. They provide a loving, caring home for their residents. I would not hesitate to recommend the Brazovan Home to anyone.”

Shirley W.

“I would like to take this opportunity to genuinely thank you for the care provided to our patient. Your compassionate and sensitive caring provided her with a unique atmosphere filled with love, dignity, and true hospice care and compassion. It has been a privilege for us to be a part of your circle of care giving.

Lynette, RN

Adventist Health Hospice Team

“I have been overwhelmed by the quality of this ¬†facility and the tender care given to my good friend. He is so well treated he is constantly complimenting the hosts. Mrs. Brazovan is concerned, caring and attentive to even the smallest detail regarding his care, and she watches over him like a hawk to protect him from fall injuries. She prepares sumptuous meals and makes certain he gets all the necessary nutrients his body requires. She is like the real life version of “Touched by an Angel.”

Victor H.

“We feel that we are receiving the best care possible in my mother’s declining years and more from Lia. She not only provides the physical assistance my mother needs but, just as importantly, she provides loving care. Most of my frequent visits are unannounced except for those times when Mom has a doctor’s appointment, etc. Whenever I drop in, I always find the premises spotless, and Mom’s needs attended to. The set-up of the rooms, each having its own small bathroom, makes it more homey and comfortable than many of the care facilities we looked at.”

Janice M.

“I find it easy to deal with Lia. If I have concerns or special requests, she is more than willing to assist me. She keeps a close eye on the physical condition of her residents, and, in my case at least, will not hesitate to call me if she thinks it might be something we should talk to the doctor, pharmacist, etc. about. We have noted a distinct improvement in Mom’s physical condition since last winter. A recent visit to the doctor confirmed that her nutritional level and general physical well-being had improved since Lia has taken over management of the care home. We are all very satisfied with the care Mom is receiving and hope that we will be able to keep her there as long as her medical condition allows. I have several friends whose family members are in similar situations and, in comparing notes, feel we have been extremely fortunate to have Mom under Lia’s care. I would not hesitate to highly recommend her foster care home facility to anyone who is seeking dependable and loving care for their family members.”


It only takes one smile to offer welcome…
and blessed be the person who will share it.

-Amanda Bradley

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